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Dounan flower market









As an international flower market and flower distribution center, the Dounan flower market is a place where more than 80% of the fresh cut flowers in Yunnan province and the surrounding provinces and the neighboring countries are in the market. It has a 70% market share in more than 80 large and medium-sized cities and exports more than 50 countries and regions.  For more than 20 years, the volume of trade, the volume of transactions and the amount of cash have been in a row. In 2017, the volume of flower trade in Dounan flower market exceeded 6.53 billion branches, with a turnover of five billion three hundred and fifty-five million yuan; Average daily trading volume 17.89 million, average daily turnover 14.67 million yuan, is called the national flower market "wind vane" and flower price "barometer". The traffic facilities around the flower market of Dounan are convenient, and the aviation, railway, highway and other transportation systems are improved. In 2013, the subway line 1 opened and opened the Kunming subway era. Dounan station was only 500 meters away from the flower market and became the first choice for the main city and the Chenggong people to reach the flower market. The forthcoming subway line 4 will open a south station at the opposite side of the no.5 pavilion in Dounan flower market , with more convenient visitors. It takes 30 minutes to get to Kunming international airport from Dounan flower market. Kunming high-speed railway south station, a 10-minute drive from the south flower market, is the first stop for visitors to Yunnan.

Dounan flower market formally put into use on March 8, 2015, was named the national first class features town created, national AAA level scenic spots, cultural creative industrial park, China famous brand demonstration area of Yunnan province, on the basis of many honors, flowers twin-engine business and cultural tourism drive, enrich the diversity of forms also will offer a inexhaustible driving force for the text brigade industry.

Stadium covering electronic auction trading center cut flowers, flowers trading floor, succulent plants supermarkets, food will flower world, let the guest know flowers trading patterns, feel the charm of Asian flower.The five major theme pavilions are different: dried flower, essential oil, eternal flower, flower tea, flower art, etc. Yunnan's largest commercial gallery inscription museum of art, wood of rhyme redwood hall, tourism commodity and souvenir products, folk arts and crafts such as flower hand letter supermarket well-regarded, world tourism products supermarkets in February this year will have the grand opening, floral soft outfit set atmosphere and diverse tourism forthcoming; By the Comic Internet bars, children's toys, flowers creative restaurant, leisure entertainment and floral training soft outfit life museum is full of style, deep experience the unique way of life; Mysterious kingdom, dreamy forest, fantasy valley, magic fire water world and the elves of tribal kaleidoscope dream world, to create "domestic first" plants in the future children's theme park, will be unveiled this summer; More Kunming flower ocean of the world dream of fantasy, nine main themes, 21 locations, flower art, Marine animal shows, flower watch, popular science education, leisure, entertainment, shopping as a whole, average daily to attract 4000 visitors.

6 -- 10 460m cultural tourism blocks, including themed catering, themed hotels, theme bars, local local specialties, and many Banks, are listed in the top ten art districts of Kunming.

Relying on Asia's first flower fair, the advantage of tourism in Yunnan province, with the aid of high-speed driving, Dounan flower market will become to Yunnan tourist destinations, become a tourist shopping paradise, sports health center, open 24 hours a day type art commercial block.